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Friday, December 03, 2004 :::
So ... I haven't written here in a while ... Actually in a very very looong while ... that's kind of sad isn't it? Hahaha ... Well, out of sight out of mind ... and I know I'm out of my mind. HAHAHA ... Anyway ... That's all for now ... BYEEE!

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Saturday, April 17, 2004 :::
i've moved!!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2003 :::
holy bajesus!! it's been three whole months since i last blogged!! but i understand why ... i said that i would change the layout and what not but i havent even been online that much ... and if i have been on it's because i'm bidding for stuff i dont need on ebay. hahaha.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2003 :::
i was too bored. so i stole this from pammy. all answers in bold are pams that i left. hahaha.

Section 1: General

+ name: jennifer saelieb
+ nicknames: jenni & jen. don't call me jen
+ do u have a crush: no. my world's become very small.
+ birthday: 12.18.83
+ age u act: 12 why am i still awkward?!
+ height : five foot three? eh.
+ weight : haha
+ eye color : brown. my aunt said she didnt like that they were so brown
+ are u simple or complicated: simple. eat. sleep. work. simple.
+ do u care that ppl criticise u: of course i care.
+ where do u live: norwalk. say it with me : "eew."
+ where did u grow up: LA -> Pico Rivera -> Eagle Rock -> Cerritos -> Norwalk. i'm just gonna leave pam's answer because it's the same for me. hehe.
+ where do u wanna live: not here.
+ birthplace: l.a.
+ favorite salad dressing: i usually order soup
+ ever gone skinny dipping: no wouldnt wanna scare the children
+ what are u watching: my life slip away??
+ who are u talkin to right now: hut. no one's gonna believe me!
+ favorite number: fourteen yay lucky fourteen
+ favorite ice cream: coffee. big stick. strawberry shortcake. cookies and cream.
+ favorite beer: eeew. i cant hold my liquor at all.
+ most embarrassing moment: Once, I was riding the cow and I got a monumental nose bleed *I RARELY get nose bleeds! All the people on the cow looked at me as if they were concerned.. not so much for me, but for their own disease fearing asses. Can a person get a tissue!? id have to say when i was sitting with pam on the cow during this inccident. kidding! it was when i was at the beach house. you had to be there.
+ funniest person u know: laura. im always laughing at her.
+ stupidest person u know: laura. im always laughing at her.
+ favorite holiday: christmas/new years
+ favorite food: bread
+ favorite television show: friends. dharma&greg. the weekenders.
+ favorite love song: anything&everything bsb.
+ favorite color: red&black
+ favorite clothes store: old navy
+ favorite shoes: chucks & savon sandles

Section 2: The Future

+ school: csf, i guess.
+ how many kids u want: two
+ name of future daughter: something keiko something.
+ name of future son(s): mendel something something.
+ what kind of job u want: something lame. like target. WISH GRANTED!!
+ wedding song: erm. i dont know

Section 3: Have You Ever

+ done drugs: only vicodin after my wisdon teeth extraction.
+ run away from home: i tried but it would get dark.
+ hit a girl: sure. NEBRASKA!! *WHACK*
+ lied: i dont think i knew what "telling the truth" was until i was in third grade.
+ stolen anything: yup yup.
+ broken a bone: My right index finger was chipped once. I'm convinced that the little pieces of bone disintegrated into my system, but my sister thinks I'm crazy. stupid pam. no, i never have.
+ cheated on a test: every week in fifth grade.
+ cheated on a boy/girlfriend: i think id need to purchase one before cheating on him.
+ gotten drunk: no.
+ been in the hospital: yes.
+ let a friend cry on your shoulder: i dont think my friends cry that much.
+ fell asleep in the shower/bath: yes. thought i was gonna drown.
+ gone to church: i used to go with my uncle and sleep in the pews with pam.
+ never slept during the night: yeah. just yesterday.
+ ever been on a motorcycle or motorbike: yes. i have the burn scar on my leg if you wanna see it.
+ been to a camp: sixth grade camp.
+ sat in a restaurant without ordering: yeah.
+ seen someone die: only movie deaths.
+ gone a week without shaving: yeah. my beard came in quite nicely.
+ didn't wash your hair for a week: when i was younger i remember sunday being hair washing day.
+ broken something valuable: pens my uncle bought for me.
+ thought u were in love: definitely.
+ screamed at someone for no reason: no. it was more like displaced anger.
+ said i love u and meant it: im sure i used to love my parents.
+ been hurt by a guy/girl u loved: yeah.
+ stayed up till 4 am on the phone: no. i dont like talking on the phone that much.

Section 4: Which is Better

+ coke or pepsi: coke.
+ cats or dogs: PUPPIES!
+ pools or hot tubs: pools.
+ television or radio: t.v. homer said it best, "mother. father. secret lover."
+ apples or oranges: apples
+ old navy or gap: old navy
+ coffee or icecream: coffee ice cream
+ shampoo or conditioner: conditioner
+ 10 acquaintances or 1 homey: one homey?
+ sun or moon: moon
+ left or right: right

Section 5: When Was the Last Time You

+ took a shower: before work a couple hours ago.
+ cried: when pauline wouldnt stop talking
+ watched a disney movie: yesterday. PIRATES OF THE CARABEAN!! AAAWWWWESOME!!
+ given/gotten a hug: today when i left tinnagon&luckkana's ouse i hugged pauline.
+ been to the movies: yesterday
+ played cs: never played.

Section 6: What is

+ your fondest memory of this year: six flags with the f.o.c.r.s
+ the thing that makes u the happiest: pam. laura. maris. beast. chocolate. a/c. ravy. etc. etc.
+ your favorite slow song: number six on foo fighters latest album ... what song is that?!
+ your ideal bf/gf: someone i can talk to without getting pissed at. where is this diamond in the rough??
all answers in bold are pams that i left. hahaha. hope you had fun reading this. poor poor you. hahaha.

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hello everyone out there. it's been so long since i've written in my blog the format changed and i didnt even know it. haha. well, there isnt really that much going on in my life ... i mean i dont do much so i dont have much to write about. hmmm. some key points that have happened.1) i got my new digital camera that makes everyone think i'm cool. HAHAHA!! 2) my hamsters had some drama dealing with bugs. 3) my mom and her boyfriend are in thailand 4) pam is on a road trip to san fransisco.

WOW!! hahaha ... when i list it like that it seems like i actually have a life. hahaha. yeah ... appierences, and apparently lists, can be deceiving. anywho ... i'm gonna put some pictures on the next time i'm on since my camera's battery died. haha. i'll write more tomorrow?? maybe tomorrow since i'm going to the beach with laura and tina and maybe maris.

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Thursday, April 17, 2003 :::
hello everyone ... i just got back from outer limits again. haha ... and this time i got my tongue ring removed ... WAHH!! i didn't really notice but the piercing was crooked. it was more on the left of my tongue and i didn't like that at all ... so i went back and asked him what i should do. and he took out the ring and said that i should let it heal and come back in a week and he'll pierce it again for free since it was his fault that it was crooked. ahh!! i'm a little scared that i have to go back, but this isn't something like that's a "phase" for me. i want to keep this tongue ring for a while. anyway ... it feels pretty good now that i don't have it in ... i was driving and i was singing likin park like nothng else. i have to admit that i was pretty happy. hahaha. anyway ... that's pretty much all ... i haven't really done anything with my spring break ... but that's okay i guess ... whatever.

i took an aim quiz and i am 83% so cal. hahaha ... i was expecting more but oh well. hehe. oky i'm done ... i'm probably post one more time before changing my blog's layout. yeah ... okay ... have a good night!!

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