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Wednesday, July 03, 2002 :::
song of the moment ... incubus's warning
longing for ... the anime expo ... it's only 23 hours away!!
listening to ... the hum of the computer ...
tired of ... watching the iron giant ... even though it's one of the best cartoons ever ...
being thankful for ... vin diesel, tamahome, and eminem ... yes oh yes

tomorrow is the expo ... i can hardly wait ... this is one of the most exciting things i've done this year ... i hope it's tons of fun ... hehe ... i can't believe i just said that ... well ... yeah ... i even get to drive a van tomorrow ... my friends's mom's van [thanks to tammi, staci, and their mommy, sharon] well ... i only have ... a little money left ... i hope i don't see too much stuf that i "just need to have" ... i usually end up buying things only when pam goes with me ... i guess this is because she's a shopper and i like following her ... hmmm ... interesting ... no ... not really ...

anyway ... aaron ... one of our guy buddies isn't going to the expo and he hates us with all of his heart ... but we still love him!! hehehe ... and my friend michelle needs to convince her daddy to let her out so she can FINALLY go ... but it's "tentative" so we're still waiting on his deciding vote ... ummm ...

let's see ... there's some cool stuff that's on the schedule there ... but i'm too lazy to find my schedule ... hehe ...

well ... on a different note ... on friday night we're sleeping over at laura's house because she's gonna be home alone ... poor girl ... i hope she's not all scared ... hehe ... her mom told us to take care of her ... HAHA sure ...

ANYWAY ... i guess that's all ... i'll write more after my very first day at the anime expo!! hehe!! ADIOS!!

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