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Thursday, August 08, 2002 :::
i was just thinking. about, a lot of stuff actually. so here's now my stream on consciousness went.

how come no one asks me why i like harry potter so much? i mean do i look like a harry potter fan??

then i read michelle's blog and she reminds me a little of alice from alice in wonderland. because she seems like she could easily be lost in all the incredible stuff that she does (ex. moving away and going to berkeley) but she doesn't because of who she is. and in the end she'll be alright. wow.

but then thinking about the alice in wonderland cartoon i got freaked out thinking about the caterpillar. when he asks alice, "but - who - are - you?" i think he's so scary. i would have been so freaked out if he had asked me that so meanly.

anyway i have to brush my teeth because my breath smells like hot cheetos still. gross, huh? well yeah. that's all. bye bye!! good night!!

p.s. look at me!! --> :D -( ::exhales:: ) smelly ain't it?

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