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Friday, August 09, 2002 :::
song of the moment ... santana and rob thomas's smooth
longing for ... the ants to leave me alone!!
listening to ... my computer humming. very odd.
tired of ... sleeping in. haha. i won't be soon though.
being thankful for ... thai desserts and kim tar noodles.

let's see ... tonight was busy busy. wow. hehe. first, i woke up at like 4:00P.M. and pam and i just watched t.v. until 5:00P.M. that's when we started to get ready to go out. if you don't know where we were going then you haven't been checking the right side of my blog. it's right there!! anyway, we were heading out to picasso. it's a play that pam's theatre teacher produced. actually according to the program i think his whole family produced different parts of it.

the play
well, the play was a comedy written by steve martin. [i can say he's a comedic genius now.] well, the play was about pablo picasso during his blue phase and albert einstein while he's working on writing his theory of relativity. they meet in a bar called the lapin agile in france. there's a lot of adult humor so i don't think it's a family sort of play, but there's a lot of funni parts and i really think you should go out and see it. yeah, you!! and i know you're dying to find out what happens when two great minds come together for a crazy night in a bar, so ... here: you should go to cal state long beach on august 15-17 at around 7:45P.M. and park in lot 7. it's a really really really good play. and i think tickets are $13 for students and $15 for everyone else. hehe.

well. the play was really good. i mean really really really good. and we got out at about 10:00P.M. and we were starving because we didnt eat anything except for some hot cheetos at home. so we were out on the prowl for some food to eat. pam had said something about kim tar wontons and noodles and we were hoping that they were still open because by then it was almost 11:00P.M. and we knew that most places would be closing or already closed. but when we drove by, kim tar was still open. so we ordered our noodles to go and dropped by hollywood video to rent some movies.

we decided to rent a midsummer night's dream and dragonfly. so far we've only watched dragonfly because pam got sleepy. and she only needs to watch a midsummer night's dream for class.

dragonfly's not the greatest movie ever, but it's ohkae. it's still leaps and bounds better than unbreakable. there are only a few mildly scary parts in it. but that was enough to keep my mom watching. she came outside about half an hour after the movie started and sat down to watch it with us. in one of the scary parts [one of the jumpy parts, actually.] she jumped backward of one of our little stools and was leaning on my legs, since i was sitting on the couch behind her. and she just stayed there for the rest of the movie. when it was done, however, she got up and all of her weight was off my legs and all of a sudden there was a shooting pain in my ankle. i guess it had been at an odd angle when my mom was leaning on it. but anyway, we decided to stop our movie night because pam was almost asleep. so that's all that i did today. wow. this has turned out to be one of the longest blogs i've ever written, possibly the longest!! [i think i've been taking hints from michelle.] i hope there aren't too many spelling errors. hehe. well, thanks a bunch for reading it all the way through. nighty night!!

p.s. i hope i didn't gross you out too much with that breathing face yesterday.

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