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Saturday, August 10, 2002 :::
song of the moment ... none. hehe.
longing for ... all the ants to die!! ahh!! they're driving me crazy!!
listening to ... the t.v. i think i should turn it off.
tired of ... killing ants. i feel bad, but they shouldn't be here!!
being thankful for ... country apple body spray.

well. there's another invasion of ants in my bathroom. at first they were coming in from a whole on the floor near the toilet and i stopped them by spraying the hole with the country apple spray pam had found in her room. i thought that worksed but all of a sudden there was another small whole next to the bathtub. there were only a few ants coming out of it but i knew i couldn't let them start coming in. so i did the spray thing again and it worked. but over two days there was another invasion of ants and i had no idea where the hole was, so i started hunting for where their little lines were coming from. it turns out that there's a hole in the bottom hinge of the bathrrom door. so i sprayed a whole bunch of country apple into the hinge. yay!! so far there are only a few ants left since they couldn't get back into the hole. so i'm just squishing all these bugs all the time. i spent half an hour hunting down the bathroom door hole. poo!! i felt so grossed out that i decided to take a shower. but there were ants in the tub so i didn't feel any better.

after my shower my dad picked us up to go eat at the great sea food house. yum yum dim sum!! hehe. we got the usual stuff and went to diho. it was pretty fun. pam and i saw these vegetables that looked like mouths. yuck. and we went to the hospital so my dad could do some insurance forms and stuff like that there. no biggy. then we came home and fell asleep. how fun. hehe. after i woke up we decided to get some taco bell and watch a midsummer night's dream.

the movie was pretty good. i mean, it reminded me a lot of dead poets society, but it was really good. the costumes were beautiful. i really like stanley tucci now, he played puck. haha. and all the fairies had lots and lots of glitter on. i don't really like calista flockheart though. she sounded too ally mcbeil for me. when she was delivering her lines it sounded like an argument for the defense or something very up tight.

so. i think i've been writing too much on my blogs but at least i know tammi and staci read them. haha. HI GUYS!! oh yeah!! speaking of my ashabashas ... i got my check for working for their mommy for a couple days. haha. YAY. well, i don't have have my check with me. it's still at their house. but i'm going to pick it up tomorrow and go giggling all the way to the bank. YAY!! well. i guess that's all for now. nighty night children!!

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