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Sunday, November 10, 2002 :::
hello there. what are you up to? i mean, besides reading this boring old blog ... ;D. i'm listening to my winamp. i haven't downloaded songs in so long the newest song i have on there is like hoobastank's "crawling in the dark." haha. but right now i'm singing very loudly to coco lee's "a love before time" a.k.a. the crouching tiger, hiddne dragon theme song. ahh karaoke ... it's the bestest sport there is, don't you think? well, lets see, today was a very interesting day. sit back and i'll tell you all about it. in the morning, or more realistically, in the afternoon, ashley called me to go watch 8 mile with her and she wanted to pick me up because she's had bad luck with meeting people at the mall. but i told her that it would be easier and neither of us would have to go out of the way to pick up the other if we met in front of the theater. so she gave in to me suggestions and we decided to meet there at 3:45 for the 4:15 showing. so i get into the mall parking lot at about 3:45 and realize that it's gonna be a hell of a time trying to find parking. so after many minutes of circling the parking lot i finally park near the bank, which is all the way across the parking lot to the mall. i decided to leave my cell in the car because i thought that the only one who'd call me would be my mom. so i go into the mall and walk up to the box office and it says that the time is 4:00. so i wait a couple minutes and i decide to buy my ticket just in case she was already in there because i was late 15 minutes. and then i realize that maybe, just maybe she was already inside waiting in front of the actual theater that the movie was playing in. so i go in and take the escalator up to the second floor and check out the theater, which is all the way in the back. and i don't see her there. so i have to take the stairs all the way down just to try and check the box office again. but nope she wasnt there and by the time i go all the way back up to the theater, the previews had already started. so ... i decide to just watch the movie. yup. all by myself. just me. alone. but at least i had my eminem to keep my company. *sigh* 8 mile was a pretty good movie, but i think it was a little slow. anyway, after the movie i pick up some jack in the box and head over to ashley's house. we hang out for about three and a half hours and now i'm home again. so ... that's basically how my day went.

OH!! then i took this quiz that was on michelle's blog and here's the result:

What Sign of Affection Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

so i guess that's all. i'll talk to you later!! bye bye!!

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