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Wednesday, November 13, 2002 :::
hello there. how are you? i'm pretty good. i think i should go to a doctor soon. i mean i'm not feeling sick or anything but i haven't had a check up in so long. and since i don't have t.v. right now i've been forced to think about stuff that i'd seen on t.v. and all i could come up with was this show that was on animal planet called "eatten alive" and it's about all the different kinds of parasites that humans can get. it's so gross. so for the past couple of days i've been thinking that i could have a tape worm or bugs growing in my brain. did i gross you out? good. i like to share my pain. haha!

well, i had a very full day yesterday. i woke up at 5:00 am so i could take a shower and be ready to go to work. then i left the house at what i thought was 5:45 but turned out to be 5:55 and i rushed to tammi and staci's house. man. it was so early i almost drove past their house again. haha. anyway ... i worked and worked ... and had a great sandwich from guiliano's (i think that's the name) and worked some more. but instead of leaving at like 6:30 we left at 5:00. it was amazing!! the sun was still out kinda and but the sky was all nice and blue. wow. we even got to take home some frozen cobbler. but after we got back to tammi and staci's i drove to transnational comics. hahaha i think that's the name. i can't remember a lot of stuff man. haha. but anyway, i rented grave of the fireflies, princess mononoke, and the first dvd of ai! my! me! strawberry eggs. since pam kept telling me that i had to get princess mononoke and grave of the fireflies. so i'm going to tell you about each of them.

princess mononoke - ohkae. this movie i thought was going to be all about princess mononoke (san) but it turns out to be more about the "warrior" (ashitaka). so ... i don't know. i think because i had heard of it for so long without actually watching it that i had this whole story plotted out in my head and it was totally wrong. haha. and i didn't know that the dubbed was with famous voices and stuff. haha. i looked at the box and it said "gillian anderson, claire danes, minnie driver, billy crudup, and billy bob thorton," i almost passed out. haha. i had no idea. anyway this movie was so good. you should totally go out and rent it. i don't really know what to say about it since it's sooo crazy and filled with so many different plots i don't want to give anything away. but i give it 5 (out of 5) stars. oooooh ... jenni has a rating system. hahaha.

grave of the fireflies - this movie is about a brother (seita) and sister (setsuko) in japan, facing terrible hardships during world war II. unlike princess mononoke i had no idea what to expect out of this movie except that it was going to be sad. you can tell that off the cover of the dvd or vhs box. speaking of the dvd case, there's a bonus cd that comes with it. it's pretty cool. it shows this split screen of the old version and the new version. it's so much better in the new version. not better because they changed the story, but better because there's such great technology now. anyway ... i also give this a 5 (out of 5) stars. maybe i should change it to ten stars. what do you think?

ai! my! me! strawberry eggs - this series is funny. there's a lot that i like about the dvd: first, the way the menu is setup is so cute. second, the characters have such strong personalities. and third, the landlady. but there are also a lot of things that i don't like about it. but that's really just one thing. haha. anyway, this is the story of how a male teacher is trying to make rent by passing off as a female teacher in this school that only allows female teachers becase the principle thinks that men can't teach with the same kind of love that women can. it's funny and has that heart felt angle because there are junior high students. but i think it's a 4 (out of 5) stars series.

**a note on dvds: the great thing about animes on dvds is that you can choose the dubbed or subbed version. i know a lot of people would argue for one or the other, but sometimes one is better than the other and i'm happy sitting right in the middle for that.**

well right now i'm in the mood for anime. i'm happy! i read a manga and i watched some anime. i can't wait until july. haha. i hope i didn't bore you to death with all that talk if you're not into anime. but i'm just ... so ... happy!! hehe. well, that's all for now. haha. bye!!

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