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Wednesday, December 18, 2002 :::
Hello there. How are you? I'm doing pretty good. I mean, it's my birthday!! YAY ME. (Congradulations on being born. HAHA.) Well, a couple days ago I wrote this insanely detailed blog. But the damned computer FROZE and so, my whole entry disappeared. Well, I guess I'll just have to write it again. Ummm ... let's try and remember. OH! yeah. On Friday night Ashley had told me that she was going to call me @ 1 AM after she got out of work. And @ 2 AM I realized that I hadn't heard from her. But, I let it go since she's let me off the hook so many times for not calling her when I said I would. But @ 3 AM there was a small knock on my front door and there's ASHLEY! WOW. She's so sweet. She got off work so late, but still came by to talk to me. Haha. Well, don't I feel lucky to have such a friend. I DO!

On Sunday I went to Wat Thai of Los Angeles (a Buddhist temple in LA) for my birthday. When we went up to the temple there was a ceremony going on for these two men that were becoming monks. Wow. I thought it was so cool. And my mom sat down, so I thought she wanted to watch too. But it turns out that it was just too cold for her outside, so we were actually taking shelter inside the temple. Haha. But after that we did our praying and donating thing and everything was cool. There was another story that I wanted to tell, but it'll take too long to write and I don't think the computer will stay un-frozen for that long. Anyway, when we were @ Wat Thai I saw this guy. Oh man. Okay, the summer after sixth grade we (Pam, Tinnagon, Luckkana, Paulina, Nichar, and I) went to Thailand on this tour of sorts with all these Thai-American kids who signed up @ Wat Thai, and this guy that I was looking @ was one of the students that went with us. Oh his name is "Tan." I used to think he was so cool because he was an 8th grader ... I think. Anyway all I know is that he was one of our friends. But sheesh ... I hadn't seen anyone from that tour. EVER. So I was so shocked all I could do was stare @ him. HAHA. But he was talking with someone and I had to leave ... so that was that. *sigh* I wouldn't have known what to say if I did go over there anyway. HAHA.

Anyway, I was listening to the radio today and I heard the beginning of a song that sounded very familiar to me. Since I flip stations so much I didn't know which one I was listening to. But it turns out that the song was "Last Christmas" which is one of my favorite pop-holiday songs ever (besides BSB's "Christmas Time") playing on KROQ. But it wasn't the 80's version and I couldn't put my finger on what band had done the remake. But @ the end of the song they said " ... Jimmy Eat World with 'Last Christmas' ... " AHHH! I almost died. Man, Jimmy Eat World rocks so hard. *sigh* I'm glad I didn't give my cd to Laura. HAHA. Well, On Friday I'm going to try and buy tickets to their upcoming concert. It's gonna be @ the Wilturn Theatre. And that means I'm gonna be able to breathe their air! Haha. I like rock so much more than pop now. And it's not because of the Brtiney-Pop-Princess thing. But it's because when you buy a concert ticket for a pop artist you have to wait a freaking YEAR and a HALF before the concert. @ least that's the way it was with the Backstreet Boys. But for rock concerts it's like a 2-3 week wait. ahhhhhh ... great. I hope I get tickets. I think I'm willing to pay $30 per ticket. YEAH $30!! (since i need 2)

Speaking of tickets. I didn't know that there was a midnight showing of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers tonight. Otherwise I would be there right now. Ahh ... 176 minutes of elf, ranger, wizard, dwarf, and hobbit action. I <3 Pippin. HAHA. But Pam made me so paranoid about getting tickets. See, my thinking was, "it's all good because I only need two tickets and if I buy them early it shouldn't be a big deal, right? Right." But then Pam's thinking was, "Everyone's gonna buy their tickets tonight since the theaters open @ midnight." That made me a little nervous so I bought the tickets online. HAHAHA. Take that. But we better get good seats. Hehe. Okay, before the computer denies my blog I'm going to save it. But that's all for now. Hope you have fun doing whatever it is you're doing!! Bye!!

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