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Friday, December 27, 2002 :::
ooo dang i haven't blogged in a long time! haha. well ... nothing's really happened since i've gotten out of school. :( kinda sad but i don't really mind. i was thinking of going on a road trip. haha. but i'd probably get bored and end up at borders. plus i really don't like putting miles on my car. it's insane sometimes like when i have to make a u-turn i get mad at myself. boooo. i think it's because i depend on RAVy. haha. poor dirty RAVy. anyway ... i didn't even blog about my birthday!! *gasp* soo ... i guess i'll do that!! :D

dec. 18- it's my birthday!! the day started out so great because my mommy woke me up by giving me a kiss on the cheeck and telling me that she wanted to have dinner with me. awww ... then 2 seconds after she leaves my room my cell phone screams at me and it's laura and marissa shouting "happybirthday!happybirthday!happybirthday!" hahaha. so we had a lil chat about how laura's really bad at making christmas lists and i got down what marissa wants. ::sigh:: they're awesome. then i only had to spend half of the time i had expected to spend at my english final. YAY. so i come home and i'm thinking about taking a nap. when there's this knock on the door and when i open it it's edmond and tim [pam's friends] and they have this big ole box and they explain to me that they brought a leather chair for pam. and i guess it was the "huh?" look on my face that made them tell me that pam had said she wanted a leather chair for christmas. news to me, but whatever. aren't they sooo nice? and they had this whole thing planned out. since all her mun friends were involved in getting this chair. okay. johnny, and kristen were on their way over. neil was with pam eatting lunch and edmond and tim were setting up. so when the chair's all set up and everyone's here johnny calls neil and he brings pam over. and TA-DA!! there's the chair with a nice big red bow on it. it was really nice of them and pam had no idea that she said she wanted the chair. it was pretty funny. apparently it was all a dream. haha. but really, pam remembered when she mentioned she wanted a chair so it was all cool. sheesh they're all so cute. anyway ... after pam came home and found the chair she went to cotillion practice which they were all supposed to be at anyway my dad calls me and i was thinking that he was just gonna do that "happy birthday girl" thing that he usually does. but instead he says this, "hey i'm just telling you that i know what day it is ... so i guess i owe you $50 more? oh where did you go eat? thai orchid? thanks for calling me to go with you. thanks very much." i know you can't hear it ... but there's bitterness in that whole ending. what? i have to call and tell him to eat with us everytime i'm in his neighborhood? please. not gonna happen! well, like an hour later pam comes home so we can go out! yay!! and double yay!! because when we were just leaving michelle funs up my walk way to give me my birthday present. she drove all the way out here for me!! yay michelle ... man i'm gonna miss you so much ... oh!! and thanx for the too-cute-it-makes-my-mom-jealous purse and the red wagon of doom!! hahaha ... well, then ... we went to the mall so i could pick up our lord of the rings tickets and then we went to eat at todai. oh man ... i don't know why but i was full so fast. laura would have been so dissappointed! but it was all good since it was my birthday. hahaha. anyway ... then we went to the mall again and went into LORD OF THE RINGS! you have no idea how obsessed i am right now. everything is legolas and aragorn. ::sigh:: anyway ... the theatre was packed. practically busting out the sides!! but we found seats and it was okay. but, there were these two unfortunate guys that were sitting near us but in the aisle. i thought it was funny because one of them looked like aaron woods [i mean, he had a nest of hair. hahaha.] but anyway ... after the awesome movie i made a mad dash to the potty and pam waited outside. when i was washing my hands she came in the bathroom and told me that the boy with the nest of hair was brandon baker. and me with my bad ass hearing and memory had no idea what she was talking about. but when i walk out of the bathroom there's johnny tsunami ... talking on his cell trying to look cool ... that's hilarious. [Hey Guy!! I just saw you sitting in the aisle because this fob guy would moving over one seat!] oh man ... i had me a good laugh. but pam's all paranoid about getting home and getting there and getting home and now now now... it was weird. when i asked her what was up ... she told me that my mom had said she was gonna come home early and bring me a cake. hahaha!!! yeeeeaaaaah ... sure. so at 1AM pam's out cold on the couch, as usual and at 2AM my mom comes home with nothing. whatever ... i don't really know why i even let her get my hopes up. anyway ... that was how i spent my birthday. all in all ... the YAY's outweigh the BOOs.

dec. 19-and the shit hits the fan. my mom goes off on this craziness about how messy the house is. and she's going all SCREAMING BANCHEE OF THE NIGHT on us at 3 AM after telling pam that she stayed up too late on week days and that pam's best just wasn't good enough. she is goddam lucky that pam's as smart as she is and that we don't go out drinking and driving and causing real crap for her. i really cannot stand my mom. OH!! here's the best part ... she says that if we don't "change our ways" then she just might stop caring and just dissappear. hahaha!! that's laughable. has your mom ever said she was just going to leave you? well, it's not laughable because it's something said in the heat of the moment ... but because it's totally possible. i mean ... when i was seven ... i woke up and she was gone. just gone. yeah ... she's an abandoner. she never cares about anyone but herself. and i know that's not the image she wants people to see but there it is. she left us [me, pam and my dad] just because. and i almost hate her. yeah. i don't care if i go to hell for saying that. sheesh ... it's not like we're very buddhist anyway!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I HATE THIS SHIT! SHIT SHIT SHIT FAMILY!! ::blah:: whatever!!

dec. 20/21- kinda just pass ... whatever ... i don't have to see her face at all ... so i guess these were very lucky days! she doesn't ackowledge us when we're in the same room as her. what the hell kind of mom is that? blah!!

dec.22- ahh sunday ... my mom usually stays home, but me and pam waited her out. at about 9:30 she leaves to go wherever. and finally we're free! so ... pam has cotillion practice and i have a house to clean! wah-wah-wah. anyway ... later that day my mom comes home and asks pam why she's not in bed. HELLO ... do the words WINTER BREAK mean anything? sheesh.

anyway ... this is turning into blog of the decade. nothing really happened until christmas eve when me and pam just drove to the beach. it smelled of bon fires and it was really cold. nice. anyway ... we get home and there's a HUGE SACK OF SLEEP AND IT CLOBBERS PAM OVER THE HEAD AND SHE'S OUT FOR THE REST OF THE NIGHT. hahahaha!! anyway. christmas was peaceful. my mom turned of the bitch waves that radiate from the black hole where her heart's supposed to be and made us somethng to eat. ::sigh:: good times.

dec.26- the off switch for those bitch waves only last 24 hours i guess. this morning she yelled at me again. merry christmas!! hahaha. what a life i lead. anyway ... i have to go finish the dishes and ... yeah ... that's about it. haha. i'll write more ... in about a week i guess. hahaha.

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