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Saturday, December 14, 2002 :::
Wow. i'm so happy i don't think i can press "shift+ letters" right now. the internet is so awesome and blogger is even more awesome. here's what happened: i was hunting around blogger. well, basically writing _______.blogspot.com in the little web address box and seeing where i'd end up. and i decided to write "eateat" which lead me nowhere and then i decided to try out "delicious." which brought me to a really pretty website. the girl that blogs there has the initials p.s. and her first name is pam. i was totally surprised. and i knew pam [my pam, that is] would be mad since she doesn't like it when people have her name. haha. but anyway, since i recently installed my own haloscan commenting thing i started leaving messages for her about her blog since i was so happy that i'd stumbled across it. and it turns out that she went to my blog and wrote me an email. she told me that she's thai too! wow! and that she's in bangkok right now. anyway, that was my ::smile out of nowhere:: thing for the day. haha. i just made that up.

but, my ::smile because i'm malicious:: thing happened when michelle told me something that she shouldn't have. haha. ::cough cough:: i've got something in my throat. HAHA!! you know what i'm talking about!

anyway, another pleasant surprise came when i was checking my mail. laura finally wrote me back with her christmas list. i thought she had forgotten all about me! but woe-is-me all she wants this christmas is the world. hmm. do you think i should wrap it or just put it on a silver platter? bah! it's okay though. i kinda had a feeling of what to get her anyway. but, marissa. now, she's a hard peanut to crack. i have no idea how i'm going to get her the present i was looking for for her. but it's okay. i'll find a way. i will. okay, that's all for now. leave me comments people! i do this for you. hahahaha. as if my life was so interesting. HAHA. okay, bye bye! ;D

Oh i almost forgot. i was reading the new pam's blog and she had written this: Everyone must come to Bangkok at least once..and go to all the non-touristy places.. really. There's so much food...atmosphere..good clothes.. for half the price (or even less!!).

and i couldn't agree with her more. so i'll agree with her less ... the clothes aren't that great but they're cheap. HAHA, okay really now. bye!!
\ ^o^ / ::yawn::

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