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Tuesday, January 14, 2003 :::
good golly miss molly. it has been a long-ass time since i've blogged. haha. 18 days. hmm ... let's see if i can remember anything interesting that has happened in the past two and a half weeks. okay. here we go i heart making lists!!

dec. 28 - dianne had a christmas gathering at her dorm. there's yummy turkey. and okay mashed potatoes. hahaha. like i ate there ... the party started at 6 but laura and maris and i get there at 7:30 and end up leaving at 8:30. fun was had because we talked to aaron. and people actually ate my dessert cups even though i know they tasted funky. awww. hahahaaa. we leave to go to baby tiana's 1st birthday party. she is seriously the cutest baby i have ever seen. and she liked me!! i almost didn't know what to do. haha.

dec. 29 - there's a new year's party at thai town express. and pam and i attend also an hour late. haha. but there was thai food and karaoke-ing. pam and i ditched to go to tinnagon's house where i get to play kingdom freaking hearts!!!! ahhh what a cute game. then i fall asleep face down on the floor almost underneath tinnagon's bed. so we come home at 3 am.

dec. 30 - another new year's gathering for family only this time. we eat and eat and eat ... and there wasn't even any rice. very odd. hahaha. so the children plan on spending new year's eve together at my house. so that would mean ... tinnagon, luckkana, pauline, pat and pin have to come down. yay!! it's gonna be great fun. so the plan is to go to templ on the 31st and then drive down after the praying ceremony. yay!! great fun is anticipated.

dec. 31 - arg. pam and i aren't going to temple because my mom's sick. BOOO!! so there go the kid plans ... down the proverbial drain. but when i call to tell tinnagon ... he tells me that his mom wont let them come down anyways. AH! parents suck.

jan. 1 - happy new year!! and i get sick .... oooooo ... it's so bad i wouldon't even wish it on my worst enemy. and throwing up is the only thing that'll help ... WAH!! i hate being sick!!

jan. 3 - diana's cotillion. oooo. put's dianne's cotillion totally to shame. i'm glad i'm not filipina. hahaha. but wow. all the girls were beautiful and all the boys were handsome. well ... hahaha i'm kidding. but their dances were sooo nice. and FUN ... sigh she even had a real dj. not just an andy. but whatever. you get out what you put in i guess. hahaha.

jan. 6 - disneyland and disney's california adventure. and the birth of the FOCRS!!

jan. 10 - yay!! i get to see the fri 5 for my birthday!! woohoo ... there's a lot of b.b.q. fun and a whole lot more karaoke. hahahaha. yay laura, maris, tammi, staci and lucille!!! OMG!! we didn't even sing "it's my life"!!! OH MAN!! that just means we have to go back there.

jan. 13 - start of school again. arg. i didn't get that japanese class ... but terry did ... hahaha ...

jan. 14 - michelle's leaving for berkeley at 2 in the afternoon. so i run over there after my business class and give her a going away gift. we take a bunch of bad pictures. hahaha. and a couple of good ones. oh man ... the countdown stands at 67 days before she's back again. yay!! hahaha. well ... after i see her i come back to school and go to my calc class. BOO!! i'm 10 minuts late because this bitch in a huge ass expedition cuts me off.

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